We're Looking For A Franchisee Right Now!

Based on the picturesque west side of Southampton we have an up-and-running franchise ready to hand over to a new Nerd.

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In truth, Rent-A-Nerds very rarely come from the IT world. We are very much Customer Service-based, therefore the job demands excellent communication, motivation and a relaxed good humour. Reassurance, confidence, knowledge and an easy smile are some of the qualities our customers have come to expect, but are so rarely seen in this business.

The successful candidate can expect a lengthy period of training with an existing Nerd, within the identified area of coverage. Nearby Nerds work closely together in real life, providing help, expertise and sick or holiday cover when needed.

Our unique system allows us to provide our customers with long-term help and support far cheaper than our competition, and with ‘out of office hours’ support for no extra charge. As a result, the majority of our business is with repeat and referred customers.

If you think this opportunity might be for you, email Alex.