Rent-A-Nerd has a very simple philosophy

Everyone needs a nerd occasionally.

Britain's Home-PC Culture:

As a PC user, you will get

  1. Dreadful Customer Service
  2. Corporate ‘Rip-Off Britain’
  3. Outsourcing, gone mad.
  4. High Street ‘Box Sellers’
  5. ‘Return to base’ warranties
  6. Premium Rate Phone Support

Rent-A-Nerd will help you turn the tables on the system. We can find you the right computer and the right place to buy it. We can help you get the best support, avoid paying a fortune for software, and get you set up and running with the minimum of fuss and cost.

Old fashioned service.

Information Technology moves fast, and it's good to know that someone with no friends, social life or dress sense is getting their head around it all on your behalf.

This means that we can give our customers the very best knowledge, whether it is training for new users, advanced software lessons or really good buying advice. We also fix PCs really quickly, and much cheaper than the competition.

Our prices are fixed and displayed clearly on the Prices page. In exceptional circumstances these prices may not apply, and we will always brief the customer fully before any work is started.

Rent-A-Nerd is dedicated solely to the home user. We tailor our working hours so that we can visit in the evenings and weekends as well as regular hours. If you have a problematic computer we will endeavour to collect it and quote, fix it overnight, and deliver it back the following evening.